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Friday, March 21, 2014

Money vs. Wealth: a comparison

Much thanks to Deepak Chopra MD.  He wrote an article that recently appeared on LinkedIn titled "How to Live the Difference Between Money and Wealth".  This article succinctly describes the gap between having money and leading a happy existence.  As a fan of bullet points, the following segment was very meaningful.  I quote:
You are in a wealth mode when any of the following are present:
  • You fulfill a worthy need.
  • You are the steward of money, not its slave or master.
  • You deliver the greatest good to the greatest number.
  • You add to the meaning and purpose of life, both your life and the life of others.
  • You benefit the planet rather than despoil it.
  • You raise the level of consciousness in society.
  • You have a vision that will live on after you are no longer here.

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