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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Feeding my internal narcissist

Hey folks! I've just designed this new site and implemented the matching skin on Blogger.  I think the effect is quite seamless.  On the main parts of my site (the profile/resume/contact links) I used a single page that switches between views on demand.  I like that there's no refresh switching between those elements.  All over I also used CSS fonts for all the textual elements -- the title, subtitle and in fact all the text displayed uses CSS fonts hosted by Google, which is much cooler than having to fire up Gimp to render a title.  I also used SVG for the header background and as many of the image elements as I could.  The entire thing is laid out using CSS, including the tilt to my profile pic on the profile page.  It's a wonderful time to design HTML-only pages.

What I'm not as certain about is my general design ability.  Being colorblind doesn't help, but I also don't have much background in User Experience design.

Mostly, my design process is to attempt to avoid having pop-out elements and oddball hover controls.

If you are someone with design sense who happens to stumble across this space, if you have a critique or comment and a moment to jot it down, please leave your thoughts in the comments space.


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