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Monday, November 25, 2013

A strategy lesson from my wife

My wife is a constant stream of wisdom. She mentioned this to me the other night, before we were off to a weekend visit to Wyoming, and had a few house chores left. It is an instant introduction to strategy and tactics in prioritizing tasks.

Tactics: If you want the kids to fold their own laundry, make sure that's done first.  Make sure tomorrow's clothes are in today's laundry.

Strategy: Do the whites before bed.  If you're too tired to finish, you can leave them in the drier.

The take away here: Unblock others. Identify what tasks are required soonest. Figure out what can wait and do that last.  Finally, make sure your tactics and strategy don't work against each other. Don't do the whites last if you really need that white shirt for tomorrow.

What business lessons have you picked up from unexpected sources?

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